Pure Protein® Drinks

A Delicious, Convenient Option for You to Take Your Protein on the Go!


Pure Protein® Shakes

The RTDs have the same superior flavor profile and protein quality as the bars with added convenience. The Shakes are available in a 23g version with 110 – 120 calories, and a 35g version for those looking for an added boost of protein. Both Ready-To-Drink shakes are a healthy option for pre/post-workouts, and muscle tone and lean body mass.

    • High quality protein
    • Low fat and no more than 1 gram of sugar^
    • An exellent source of calcium
    • Guilt-free dessert style flavors

    ^Does not include 15g Protein Shakes

Pure Protein® 23g Shakes

  • Resealable Alumi-Tek bottle
  • Recyclable packaging
  • 23 grams of High Quality Protein
  • Only 110 – 120 calories

Pure Protein® 35g Shakes

  • 35 grams of High Quality Protein
  • 6 dessert-like flavors including the new Chocolate Mint

Banana Cream

35 g of Protein Shakes

Vanilla Creme

23 g of Protein Shakes

Frosty Chocolate

15 g of Protein Shakes

Rich Chocolate Natural Whey Protein Powder
Pure Protein Whey Protein Powder - a high-quality nutritional formula specially designed to supplement your diet with protein necessary for a lean, healthy, strong body.*
Pure Protein is a proud sponsor of National MS Society Events