Cookies 'n Creme 325 mL 35 g of Protein Shakes

Cookies 'n Creme

35 Grams of Protein Shake (325 mL)


Satisfy your cravings for a tasty shake and enjoy the reward of 35 grams of high quality protein with 0 grams trans fat. It’s the Pure Protein's Cookies & Creme shake—a great, guilt-free way to get your chocolate fix on–the-go. Yes, there’s chocolate in heaven …  and it’s to die for.

Available Sizes:
Prod.# 16891 - 325 mL

Rich Chocolate Natural Whey Protein Powder
Pure Protein Whey Protein Powder - a high-quality nutritional formula specially designed to supplement your diet with protein necessary for a lean, healthy, strong body.*
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